You may have noticed your hens’ eggs aren’t as large as the pack of dozen you used to buy at the grocery store. That’s partially because eggs come in different sizes, but that’s not the only factor. How you choose to raise them might have more of an impact on egg size than you think. Check out these five methods to increasing egg size in your hens.

5 Ways To Increase Your Chickens' Egg Size

1. Size Matters

First, the size of your hens’ eggs depends on a number of factors, the first one being your hen’s size. The bigger the hen, the bigger the eggs they’ll lay. It’s also important to note that hens produce larger eggs, and more frequently, with age. As they grow, their egg size and production will increase too. So don’t get discouraged if a young hen isn’t producing up to your standards. If you’re looking for a hen that can produce jumbo-sized eggs, it’s best to seek out breeders who produce larger hens.

2. More Protein

One way to increase size is by adding mass to your chickens is with protein! Giving hens extra protein in their feed can help increase egg size and quantity. It’s recommended to give a higher level of protein during the first couple months of egg production (18-20%). Though this isn’t some miracle hack to making a new “extra-super-jumbo” sized egg, the boost of protein can help your hens produce to their fullest potential during those critical first months. The protein probably won’t make much of a difference once they reach their maximum egg production, but it’s still great for their diets.

3. Shed Some Light

Besides their size and protein intake, did you know the number of hours of light a hen gets can affect its egg size too? By restricting light exposure, you can delay the age a hen starts producing eggs. This might be useful for those with younger hens that would be producing very small eggs. Delaying egg production until they are a few weeks older and larger can be achieved through monitoring their sunlight exposure.

What To Feed Chickens To Increase Egg Size

The same can be said for increased sun exposure. The more light you shed on your hens, the faster they will produce eggs. All-in-all, no matter what you do, make sure your hens are getting a healthy amount of sunlight per day!

4. Feed Wisely

Along with sun exposure, what they eat is another important contribution to their egg production! If you feed your chickens higher quality diets, their eggs are sure to be of higher quality too. Just the same, if you feed your flock a poor quality diet, their eggs are sure to reflect that. Parsley and radishes are high quality foods you can add to their diet for better eggs! Leftovers are another great way to bulk up your chickens, ultimately leading to larger eggs.

5. Happy Chicken = Healthy Chicken

Finally, all great chicken keepers know that a happy chicken is a healthy one! Leaving plenty of room for your flock to roam and socialize with other chickens can have a great impact on their egg production. Free-range hens have shown to be much healthier too, leading to better eggs.

How To Increase Chicken Egg Size

Overall, these five tips are just a few ways to help increase your flock’s egg quantity and size. If you want your hens to produce larger eggs, make sure you’re doing your part. Give your flock the tools to thrive and they will surely thank you with their eggs!