The Best Gifts for Backyard Chicken Owners: 30+ Ideas!

Unique gift ideas for chicken owners

Finding gifts for a pet chicken lover is easier than you think! Use this chicken owner gift guide to “hand-peck” the perfect backyard poultry gift for your favorite chicken keepers.

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Chicken owner gift ideas
What are the best gifts for chicken keepers? Check out these great ideas!

More and more people are raising backyard chickens for fun, and for a steady supply of fresh eggs. But selecting a gift for someone who loves chickens (especially when you don’t own chickens yourself) might seem a little confusing. If you’ve landed on this article, you’ve likely asked yourself more than once: what kind of gift should I buy for someone who owns chickens?

The good news is that gifts for chicken lovers come in all shapes, sizes and budgets. When it comes to chicken gifts, there really is something for everyone.

Chicken keeper gifts

To help you find an egg-cellent gift, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for chicken lovers, chicken owners, and backyard chicken farmers to make your gift giving a cinch! So the next time you’re wondering what to buy for a chicken lover, whether you’re shopping for a birthday present, a Christmas gift, or just a little something to say ‘thank you’, we’ve got you covered!

Backyard Chicken Lover Gift Subscription Boxes

Why give your favorite backyard chicken owner a one-time present, when you could sign up for a chicken subscription box that sends them fun chicken-themed stuff every single month of the year? Here are some of the best monthly mystery boxes for chicken lovers.

CoopCrate ($30 Per Month)

Coop Crate Chicken Box

The choice of backyard chicken owners across the United States who want to spoil their flock with gourmet chicken treats, chicken coop gear and more! CoopCrate isn’t just our personal favorite (well, duh) . . . it’s also been gifted to thousands of chicken lovers of all ages, and sales help support chicken rescue shelters.

(CoopCrate is a product from Chomp, which also specializes in horse gifts, pig gifts and a luxury box called SpaDog.)

ChickenLuv ($66 Per Month)

Chicken Luv Box

The Chicken Luv box includes different treats and supplies for backyard chickens, as well as options for chicken-themed t-shirts.

Clucks of Joy ($50 Per Month)

Clucks of Joy box

You’ll get pet chicken care items, fun chicken stuff, treats and monthly mystery items in the Clucks of Joy box.

Chicken Books

When it comes to chicken lady gifts, Drinking with Chickens is a must-give gift. This fun book isn’t just filled with gorgeous photos of artisanal cocktails, but the cocktail recipes were specifically created to be enjoyed in the company of one’s chickens. This book is hands down one of the most popular gifts for chicken lovers.

Backyard chicken owner book

For chicken lovers who want to learn how to better communicate with their flock, you can’t go wrong with How to Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What they Do and Say What They Say, by Melissa Caughy. This book has racked up over 3,100 four and five-star reviews on Amazon, and is one of the best chicken books on the market.

Personalized Chicken Lover Gifts

There are tons of chicken themed gifts out there, but for an extra special touch, give the chicken lover in your life a personalized chicken gift. Personalized egg carton stampers that include the recipient’s name – or farm name – along with a changeable date and time, get the seal of approval of backyard chicken farmers everywhere!

You could also consider a custom egg stamper, for individual eggs. These stamps can include a family farm name, or the name of your chicken lover’s favorite hen.

chicken coop sign

Chicken parents put a ton of time into the planning, designing, and building of their chicken coops, and they love adding special touches to make them truly unique. What better way to welcome the hens home than with a personalized coop sign? Because even the pickiest hens enjoy a little fun chicken decor.

Practical Chicken Gifts for Around the Coop

Egg baskets and egg gathering aprons are two of the most practical presents for chicken keepers because they’ll get used every single day! Egg gathering aprons are an especially popular chicken keeper gift because they’re a hands-free egg gathering option that makes collecting backyard eggs a breeze.

Gifts for the Chicken Lover’s Flock

You might be surprised to know that there are just as many gifts for pet chickens as there are for cats and dogs. Like other pets, chickens love playing with toys. But providing chickens with toys isn’t just a fun way to interact with the flock, toys for chickens provide much needed enrichment opportunities. If the chicken lover that you’re shopping for loves spending time in the yard with their feathered friends, why not buy them a few small toy bird balls or a chicken treat dispenser?

toys for pet chickens

Another unique gift for a backyard chicken keeper is a chicken mirror. Chickens love looking at themselves in mirrors, so this is one chicken toy that will provide hours of fun for the entire flock.

Gifts for Chicken Lovers who Post on Social Media

We all know that one person who just can’t post enough photos about their favorite pet. The next time you need an extra quirky chicken gift that will do double duty for Instagram photo shoots, go for a homemade chicken bonnet, chicken tutu, or hand-knitted chicken sweater. Chicken clothing items come in a variety of colors and seasonal styles. Look for hen clothing on sites like Etsy and Chewy.

#chickens on TikTok has over 1.6B (that’s billion with a ‘B’!) views. If you’re making a list of gifts for chicken owners who love creating viral chicken videos, a chicken swing or chicken swing bridge is perfect for those photo shoots that show just which hen rules the roost!

Gifts for Backyard Chicken Keepers Who Are Just Getting Started

The beginning backyard chicken owner puts a lot of time and consideration into where and how they will house their chickens. Chicken coop ideas with DIY instructions will help them design and plan the perfect coop layout from start to finish. This easy chicken lover gift can be downloaded in seconds and requires no planning ahead or shipping time!

Cutest Coops
Custom chicken coops from Cutest Coops are awesome!

For an extra special, extra cute chicken coop idea, get them the coop of their dreams with a custom chicken coop from Cutest Coops. This sustainable, Ohio-based company, creates handcrafted crafted chicken coops complete with handy storage areas. These coops come in several fun designs like ‘The Chateau’, ‘The Chapel’, ‘The Chalet’, and ‘The Classic’. You can even add thoughtful ‘home accents’ like flower boxes to the outside of the coop.

Ask anyone who loves chickens, and they will tell you that a Cutest Coop makes the absolute best gift for someone who owns chickens.

Chicken-Themed Home Decor

The coop isn’t the only place chicken owners like to decorate. No list of backyard chicken farmer gifts would be complete without a few chicken-themed home decor ideas.

Kitchen goods like tea towels, coffee mugs, and table cloths never go out of style. Chicken wine glasses – which are wine glasses with chickens on them, not wine glasses for chickens – are a fun gift for people who love chickens.

Chicken home decor gifts

If you’re looking for a gift with a high ‘wow’ factor, a regal portrait of their favorite hen will knock their socks off! Because what chicken lover doesn’t want a custom chicken portrait in their home?! A gift like this, especially if it’s a Christmas gift, may take a little more time to execute, so be sure to plan ahead.

Chicken Gifts for Kids

Chicken gift ideas aren’t just for adults; kids love chickens too! When shopping for presents for kids who love chickens, t-shirts with fun chicken sayings like ‘Just a girl who loves chickens’ or ‘Easily distracted by chickens’ are a hit with kids of all ages. Clothing items come in a ton of different colors, so picking their favorite color is easy.

Chicken gifts for kids

Just as exciting as raising chickens is getting to use all of those delicious eggs in the kitchen. Little chefs will love an apron with baby chicks, hens, or roosters on it. Some stores even offer an embroidery option to add a child’s name to the apron.

Christmas Gifts for Chicken Owners

Chicken ornaments, chicken stockings, and chicken Christmas lights – the holidays were made for chicken lover gifts. Because, are your Christmas decorations really complete if they don’t include a light-up chicken lawn ornament?

Nothing says Merry Chick-mas like a Christmas chicken shirt or Christmas chicken throw pillows. And, don’t forget to wrap all of your gifts up in some holiday chicken wrapping paper to tie the whole present together!